Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Silent Coup Right Here At Home

Last week the FCC (at the urging of President Obama, who is not supposed to intercede in the affairs of an independent government body), voted to enact regulations to control the internet (the fact that they kept the 330 pages of new rules hidden from the American public, or that they have no Constitutional standing to legally do such a thing seems to matter not a whit). The public - except for Conservatives - rolled over and accepted the new limits to "free speech" (the new ruling controls taxation as well as content, in a little double-speak they concocted called 'net neutrality'. Obama will do for the internet what he's done for healthcare, banking, school tuitions, and any other number of things he's managed to get his hands on: nationalize it, and make it worse. At the same time he's going after the Second Amendment by 'banning' certain ammo with a general sweep of his magic wand. He hints (this week) that he may add a general secondary tax on the public, under the guise of "taxing the rich". A Federal judge in Texas has put a temporary stop on the President's broad illegal amnesty move -- another un-Constitutional move that he has neither the powers nor the authority to enact. Nevertheless, in defiance of the judge's order he continues to give out thousands of work permits (to illegals) and the feckless Republicans, led by the double-talking Mr Boehner, have voted to fund all of these illegal moves. As Charlton Heston said in POTA, "It's a madhouse!" This administration has met at least 3 times to discuss how to bring more illegals into the country, force the middle class to pay for it, and then happily decry that Whites will be in the minority in a few short years. Why is it a goal by our elected officials to destroy the middle class, change the composition of America, and lie to the public as they do it? We were under the impression that we had a representative republic, but the reality seems to be more 1984. All of the men charged and sworn to uphold the US Constitution instead take the opportunity to wipe their asses with it daily. The Progressives (so called) have shredded the document so badly as to make it nearly unrecognizable. The pendulum swings both ways. For all the reckless and illegal posturing (President's for instance are not capable of making law, much less changing a bill over 30 times), posterity and the future will be less than kind. The short thinking of the Parties nowadays is that when the next party is in power, they too will just as irresponsible and reckless. Most of our politicians will hardly be a footnote in the future. Unless liberal magical-thinking does some serious history revision, this one will be known as the worst in history (a feat we thought impossible to beat with Mr Carter and Mr Clinton competing for the title). Apparently it takes a lot to wake a sleeping America, but once waked, they will come back with a roar and vengeance that will be hard to contain. The toothpaste (as they say) will be out of the tube. *** (for more of this author please search his name on Amazon, and enjoy other books that endeavor to restore America to the shining city on the hill that we know it to be, and that our politicians work overtime to tarnish)..