Monday, May 11, 2015

Won't You Run for President??

Today some bonehead asked NYC Mayor and self-proclaimed Socialist Bill DeBlasio (unpopular with most of the city)if he was going to run for President. To his credit, Bill said "No." But look how handily this job is handed around.. It started (in recent memory) with Mario Cuomo. He gave a good speech about his immigrant parents at the DNC and suddenly there were calls for him to run for President. On the strength of one speech? Same thing with Barack Obama. There were a few who decried his activist leanings, his radical influences (like Bill Ayers and "Frank", his famous communist buddy), his lack of leadership or economic understanding, etc. But he ran for President on the strength of one speech at the DNC...Apparently NOW it doesn't even matter if you're handy with a microphone - Hillary has no positive credit to her name, and a fair amount of shame and betrayal to her country , but she gets to run because she's female. And next of course we'll need a Latino. Makes no difference if they're qualified. Or how much state evidence they destroy on their hard drives. NOW we vote for genitals and ethnic pallor. (It should be noted that the only condition where this doesn't work is if you're a Conservative Constitutionalist. Then of course all bets are off. Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz? Not a chance; their candidacy is pooh poohed on nightly broadcasts.. Genitals and pallor work only for the liberal mind-set, you see.)..Last week Hillary vowed to get amnesty for illegals done even if Congress won't (and even if 74% of the people don't want it, apparently). Jeb Bush says that illegals make better businessmen and have stronger families. (Since they pander so much to illegals, one wonders why they bother to run for office in THIS country).. They talk about 'dreamers' but defecate all over the American dream, which tells us now that 1 in 5 New Yorkers are illegal and there are over 92 million citizens who can't find work. Why are the borders open? Why is there no safety valve to keep Isis from crossing into our towns? Because your goverment is engaged in a social engineering experiment. Their stated goal is to make America 'less white' for whatever twisted reason they may have. Its no secret that illiterate people on welfare will continue to vote Democrat- as communist writer George Bernard Shaw once said " You can rob Peter to pay Paul, and Paul will always be your friend'.. Here's a general rule of thumb: when a politician tells you that illegals (many illiterate in their own language), trying to leave their countries behind but forced by La Raza and other ridiculous front groups NOT to assimilate will (they say ) make the country stronger, and more profitable, and safer, they are lying through their teeth. Don't waste your time listening to dopes like this, no matter what side they're on. They're lost in their own lies... I heard a terrific radio commercial today from Hillsdale College: they reminded us that our politicians (even the President) take an oath to uphold the Constitution and have a duty to do so. Just as American's have a duty to hold their feet to the fire when they stray. What outlandish clown is going to run for President next on a thin resume of shaky facts? Honestly, can a Bernie Sander candidacy be far behind?? (what? really??).......... Please look for more from this author in Amazon and where ever fine ebooks are sold. Obama Told a Lie, What Price Liberty? and The Democrat Playbook are all available now at very reasonable prices!

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