Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bibi and those darn anti-semitic Congressmen

This week we were informed by both the State Department and the President (and his spokesman) that un-named zealots had shot up random ‘folks’ (the President’s word ) who happened to be shopping at a deli. Despite the facts that the shooter self-identified as an Islamic radical and explained that their purpose in targeting a Jewish deli in Paris was to shoot Jews,no one in our government was able to put that sentiment into words. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has been invited by House Speaker John Boehner to speak to Congress this month. The PM’s office , through common courtesy and no existing protocol known to man, informed the White House of its intention to give a speech. The White House immediately issued statements that ‘protocol had been breached’. Obama said that as a matter of etiquette he never attended speeches by candidates who are up for re-election (an election has been called in Israel for early March). Instead he sent over a contingent of 100 ‘folks’ to Israel (at US taxpayer expense) to upset the election and cause Bibi to lose the election. Veep Joe Biden also begged off the speech. Senate Democrats began falling into lockstep. Jewish Senators like Bernie Sander, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wasserman –Schultz stated that they would not be attending the speech. No matter that this was an important speech by a world leader (and statesmen, as we know, are rare these days, certainly in the two largest world powers ); a speech that could impart important information that these Senate leaders (so called) could use to ensure the safety of their fellow countrymen. Besides raising the intellectual level of the room by their absence, one wonders that Party above all else is so important to both the major parties (but especially the Democrats) that they would play with their country’s safety so blithely. Additional announcements that the FEC and the FCC are both trying major power plays in the next two weeks to take over the internet and attach exorbitant taxation (at the President’s insistence, releasing a 340 page regulation that will not be shown to the American public until after it has been passed); and that illegal alien’s will now be issued 3-5 million Social Security cards and are eligible for “earned income tax credits” – that is, refunds of up to 24 thousand dollars per household for money never paid to the IRS – and one has to wonder which country the President and his minions are really working for. Certainly not ours.*** for more fun with soft tyranny, please check out this author's Smashword and Amazon Kindle books, like "Obamacare With the Wind."

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