Friday, February 6, 2015

Soft Tyranny

According to the terms built into the new Executive Amnesty Act (so-called) that President Obama has un-Constitutionally foisted on the country, illegals may apply to the IRS for a refund of tax credits for work done while they were illegals. In other words they may be entitled to monies back from the Treasury WHILE THEY WERE ILLEGALLY WORKING IN THE UNITED STATES AND ADDING NOTHING TO THE SYSTEM THEMSELVES. In addition, tax credits (in the form of refund payments) for any children who may have been covered under their term of illegality. Yesterday morning, President Obama gave a speech at a Prayer meeting breakfast. Referring to the week’s news of an Isis hostage burned alive and filmed for the world’s sick entertainment, the President cautioned the crowd that before they climbed on their ‘high horse’ they must remember the Crusades and the murders by Christian’s (thousands of years ago). They must remember slavery in America (by the Democrat Party, he neglected to add; also conveniently forgetting to mention the ensuing Civil War that killed more Americans than all other wars combined to end slavery). Given the President’s recent refusal to meet with the Israeli PM (while at the same time sending operatives to undermine elections in Israel and to try to unseat him), there can be no doubt that the President has a large chip on his shoulder. He obviously does not like Christians, Jews or the great country that was dumb enough to elect him twice to the highest office in the land. After all, you don’t set out to ‘completely transform’ a country that you’re happy with…do you? *** Thank you for visiting with us today. If you'd like to see more from this author, you can find his ebooks for sale on Payhip, Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.. Including "Obamacare With the Wind" and "The Frog in the Boiling Water"..

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