Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ted Cruz, great Patriot and Constitutional Scholar.

Wel,, obviously i can't imagine a devestated America with Hildebeast or Bernie Crankcase in charge, but the Donald is going to take some nose-holding. We lost a great Patriotic American tonight when Ted Cruz decided to suspend his campaign in Indiana. The only Constitutional scholar in the pack, Ted is a man who does what he says. He promised to repeal every word of Obamacare and to abolish the IRS, and i have every reason to expect that he would have followed through on those promises. When Boehner and that other imbecile Peter King came out against him, i knew that he was the best choice. The enemy of my enemy, right? Donald Trump throws a lot of gas around. "Lyin' Ted, Canadian, father knew Oswald." I just hope he can be trusted in the years ahead to steer America in the right direction and to shake these Jesse Ventura fantasies to try out the cloak of Statesman. The Presidency has taken a hit in the last few years - cancer is laughed at, as well as our country's sworn enemies in lieu of a dopey slant on 'climate change'. We don't have serious politician's anymore :with the passing of Judge Scalia and the stepping down of Cruz tonight, I fear for America's future. You should too.

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