Monday, June 27, 2016

Trump v Shillary

Someone asked rhetorically how evangical Christians could endorse Donald Trump for President (in light of some perceived comments the newspapers had twisted to their effect..)..Here's my response : Perhaps its a reaction to the news last week (and in the past) re. Californian Christians now being forced by Obama to pay for abortions, and Billary's assertion that she will continue his policies. Her assertions that his executive actions didn't go as far as she will. Perhaps its his open border policy and Shillary's declarations to up the amount of incoming "500%". Perhaps its a reaction to Chelsea stating at a rally that her mom plans on giving Obamacare to illegals. Her accomplishments are many - defended Black Panthers, kicked off the Watergate docket for zealousness that went beyond the Constitution; Whitewater, money laundering, emails... it could be her help creating the Arab Spring and her direct input that Khadafi must not leave Libya alive (needless to say, Libya is a cesspool now). Perhaps its Amb. Steven's 500 fruitless calls to her before he was murdered, or her assertion to the American public that it was caused by a video AT THE SAME TIME she was telling Chelsea and Libyan president that it was terrorism (yes, that means she lied to us but why split hairs? Look at those cute jumpsuits..)..Perhaps its her hand (along with BO) in paving the way for Isis. Perhaps its the fact that she and Bill stole furniture and chinaware from the WH and had to return it (with resitutions). Or money taken from 6 to 8 countries that kill gays and abuse women. Oh but why quibble? She has lady parts and she's liberal. That alone deserves blind fealty. (its been estimated with glee by none other than our veep Lunchbox Joe that whites will soon be in the minority. I was always under the impression that immigration was supposed to HELP the host country, but i guess as long as we can rid ourselves of those evil white people it serves a dual purpose..BTW, since when is its govt's role to eliminate white folk, or to re-engineer our neighborhoods while BO purchases a 5 million dollar mansion for himself in Palm Springs?) From 1924 to 1965 we didn't even HAVE immigration. And this is all leftie double-speak, is it not? ; folks who come here illegally are not immigrants. They're felons)..Not sure how evangelical Mr T is (my guy Cruz was already bumped) but at the very least i will know he has our country at heart and not self-interest. I guess it all comes down to what our definition of IS is. It certainly scares me to think that Bill and Huma's husband Anthony Weiner can be wandering the Oral Office once more.. More to your point, i guess we can draw a serious line of cause/effect between our lowered standards and morals and less church attendance. Trump is not a racist , that's a meme that his opponents use. His comments -admittedly not PC (thank G-d) - are reserved for ILLEGALS... As someone who lost a loved one recently to H, i have no problem keeping El Chapo (who made 3 trips in and out of America WHILE he was the most hunted man in America) and his low rent ilk out, or in vetting those who come in (they found a Syrian terrorist responsible for at least a thousand murders last month working for the TSA at an airport in Miami, feeling up Americans.)...Whether you read Friedman or not, bringing "500 times" the illegals we now have in to America , and giving them welfare, schooling and healthcare FREE is foolhardy and suicidal. BO said that last week's stalemate didn't stop his "dreamers".. I think someone forgot along the way to tell him that Americans have dreams too..(and isn't it scary that 4 hacks on the Supreme Court think that BO making up his own rules and laws and circumventing the Legislative branch was A-OK?)...Immigration (so called) is supposed to benefit the host country first and foremost. How does bringing in the world's poor and illiterate (many in their own language) help the 95+ million Americans who are now out of work. BO spent millions (yours) to get Syrian's resettled and get them jobs this Spring in Maine. Again, too much to care about Americans who are unemployed and go to bed hungry? I can't divorce Hillary from BO in the same way that i blame Boehner for letting BO bring us 5 trillion in debt on his watch , or even GW for TARP.. She applauds his failed policies and even promises to kick them into hyper-drive. Country be damned, ideology full speed ahead (Friends from our high school who are now Democrats have told me that -despite pro slavery stance of Dem party, despite years of Jim Crow and Bull Conyers and anti first civil rights act in 1950's, despite affiliations with KKK , etc - that it is Republicans who are 'racists'. I guess the narrative works. Viva Alinsky. If we CALL him a racist, he must be. Trump however employs many minorities, was even bringing them in under a government loophole to work at Maralago. On the other hand, in the days after we found out about Lewinsky, Bill and Hill could be seen sitting front row in church -- Bill would even walk out holding a Bible in his hand for effect. NOW i've heard he keeps a small room in Little Rock for his trysts, and Secret Service have taken to calling a certain blonde number 'energizer bunny' as they let her pass unimpeded through the gates in Chappaqua. Who cares, to what end? I certainly could not care less what people do with their 'gentles' (Mel Brooks turns 90 tomorrow, see how i worked that in?). As fas as accomplishments, Trump has built some magnificent buildings and golf courses. He's crass, he's entertaining, i have no doubt he can get some things done..(i hope he has good advice..At this point, he tells us he will add tarriff's to products to get company's to move to America...Tarriff is another word for tax and we already have 12 THOUSAND taxes on products coming into the US... Peanuts for instance are 23% higher. As near as i can tell, a tarriff just means the consumer will pay MORE).. .But i do NOT doubt that Trump loves his great country. I can't say the same for other politicians, who seem to be in a rush to remake and transform America.. I'm really not sure they even LIKE it very much (Michelle wakes up in a house built by slaves, she told a group of graduates last month (forgetting to mention the FREE Americans, Irish and Italian craftsmen who worked alongside them).. Hillary has -- well, she's done --- well, she's female. So there's that. Face it folks, the great Statesmen are all gone (if they ever existed). It WAS a very good year. We have tasted the wine, and now we are left with the dregs...

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