Sunday, October 23, 2016

Time to Save America Again.

About a dozen years ago, the Republican party abdicated its responsibility as part of a system of checks and balances, and became the 'do-nothing' party. The Democrats, chests swelled with a generation of slavery, Jim Crow, anti-Civil rights measurements, became the party that took over America once and for all. During the Obama administration, hundreds of public utilities became property of the Federal Government. The great leviathan that was the United States government took over car manufacturing, banks, tuition, and a myriad of other entities too mundane or sick to contemplate. School history books were re-written, emphasizing the non-existent role of Muslims in the creation of America and their crucial (albeit fictional) importance in the space program, etc. Asking voter's for a picture ID? Well that was racist. Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again"? Bill Clinton said with a wink that THAT was racist too (forgetting, for the nonce, that he had once used that very slogan himself). And while the Republicans slept, Obama doubled the National Debt. He spent more money than all the Presidents combined plus all the war debts combined. How did he do it? The Republicans signed a blank check. They looked the other way. They chose to do 'the People's business' like putting men in women's rooms. Social engineering the racial composite of our neighborhoods. Teaching the soldiers about 'trans-genders'. While another holocaust was going on in the Middle East, our politicians assured us that global warming was the real problem of our times (that is, after it was global cooling and just before it became climate change). Refugees, drug smugglers, pedophiles, and Isis and Syrian plants drove trucks and dangerous drugs across our porous borders. "They're coming here for love" we were told. "Dreamers" was the new name for 1/3 of our prison population. Santuary cities and driver's licenses and free health care and free housing fell like rain. 10's of thousands of 'refugees' (so called) were placed in North Carolina and Virginia and Massachusetts and Michigan, in spite of a court ruling halting the out of control policies of our government. Guatamelan gangs with machete's began to pop up in New York, New Jersey, Arizona. Bodies of young innocent Americans began turning up dead. 95 million people had dropped out of the work force and onto Medicaid rolls, 145 million now collected food stamps. Over a billion dollars was flown to Iran in the middle of the night in an unmarked cargo plane in defiance of US banking laws. Money that might have been used at home. It was, we were told, for an unspecified debt of years ago and Obama and Kerry promised that they 'saved the taxpayer further expense down the line' with their brilliant, nearly Mensa-like moves. Wikileak proved what we've known all along. Government corruption went even deeper than we suspected. The DNC was behind the "Trump rally violence". Major media was complicit in covering the lies and continuing the propaganda. Obama and Kerry made future nuclear war almost a certainty (Bill Clinton had given it to the North Korean's who were happily detonating their weapons and aiming for US shores even as you read this). Hillary thought that Christian's were 'backward thinkers' while the GOP was so busy fighting their candidate that they lost sight of the true picture. Democrats cared not a whit about the safety and happiness of the nation's citizens, and all about creating more voters and propagating their message of Utopia and more Statist control. America is by all accounts spiraling out of control. Greece on acid. And yet i hear people say they will NOT be voting this year. "I can't vote for him, and i certainly can't vote for her," they announce smugly. "I'm staying home." Freedom is never free, and while you're living now in a soft tyranny, there are still things you can do to right the ship. Sitting home on your ass is not one of them. Bad athletes and morons can take a knee when their nation's National Anthem is played. Dimwits and lolligags can let America's sovereignty (in forms like the internet she created) slip through their fingers and into the ken of such stalwart places as Turkey and Iran. Choosing NOT to vote when our country is ailing, and needs us the most? Ignoring the bravery and self-sacrifice of those who came before as people with no interest in our history slip inside our borders and proceed to vote? Listening to politicians on tv tell us something is NOT characteristic of America's values when they clearly don't have a clue what those values are to begin with? Sit on the sidelines and let others choose America's fate without giving voice to your own concerns, or those of your grandchildren yet unborn? There are many things we could do, but please -- never, never that.

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